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  • Ayanna A.

The Problem of Loneliness

Updated: May 7, 2021

How many never go after their dreams because it requires them to go alone?

...To leave some people behind?

And because of fearing being alone, or loss, they held on to what was... and in the process forfeited what could be.

I don't blame them. An Orphan Spirit is no light thing. The feeling of being utterly alone in the world, cutting off, abandoned. That's a soul's deepest pain.

A pain that the Enemy exploits time and again, keeping people in relationships, situation-ships and circumstances they have otherwise have outgrown.

But, alas... loneliness.


But, God.

He can make it so you never feel alone again. Jesus even though utterly abandoned by his closest friends and family, He knew His father was with Him. That's a kind of assurance we can carry with us into the world. That no matter who deserts us or stands with us, is for us or against us, our Father is with us.

And He's not only present-- He approves of us. He is pleased with us.

He doesn't just love us, He likes us. He likes to be around us. He's proud of the person you've become.

When we walk in the world with that assurance, it's a whole new ballgame. Come what may-- abandonment or friendship, 1 million likes or public disdain, our core is rock solid. And we will not be shaken.

"The Lord is in the midst of her. She will not be shaken."

-Psalm 46:5

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