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  • Ayanna A.

On observations.

The effort it takes to clean the bathroom, once done, it's not difficult

compared to the week of angst I felt looking at scum and the energy I invested dreading cleaning up.

It was an inexpensive one hour of work.

Sure, it took elbow grease.

But once done, I marveled that it was more costly not to clean it than it was to clean it.

The reward of picking up the brush and pail and scrubbing was a clean bathroom.

The cost of procrastination was living in filth.


I recently purchased a kitchen table that was not well made. I had to return it. It was a large and heavy cardboard box. 4 feet by 3 feet in size.

I thought it would be nearly impossible to get it to the UPS store to return it.

Sure it was hard. Cumbersome to move.

But not impossible.

I got it done.

With the help of the UPS employees, it was all out of my house and in the hands of the shippers in total 45 minutes. 1 hour tops.

And as I walked out of the UPS store, I felt LIGHTER.

It was done. Completed.

Maybe healing from the pains of the past

and learning forgiveness

and letting go

and change

and (fill in the blank here)

won't be as hard and impossible as I think.

As I've assumed

or nearly as costly as the dread I've carried for all these years.

Maybe I can learn the lesson this time...

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