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  • Ayanna A.

On letting go of things.

For about 2-3 years now, I’ve been purging. It’s become a thing that every few months I look at my wardrobe, or my papers, or my books, or my shoes. And I ask myself, Do I really like this?

Do I really want this in my future?

And if I do not, I donate it or sell it or recycle it or throw it away.

I noticed this pattern of mine. This continual letting go of things.

Recently, I did one of those deep cleanings you do when you know someone other than yourself will see your living space (lol).

I put on my worship music, and I went after it.

And I found myself viewing my home from a service perspective. From an outsider coming in.

What is the most appealing layout?

What color palette and scheme and combination is best?

What is most comfortable and gives a sense of 'ah, this is nice' when you walk in?

I saw my home in a different light. I applied my design eye and creative talents and aesthetic preferences to my own house.

And I was incredibly pleased with the effect.

I walk into my home and I smile, because I like how it feels. It feels like peace.

It feels inviting.

And I realized all the purging and letting go created space for the beauty I now get to enjoy.

The peace I feel in my home looking at clear counter tops and few papers on the floor was paid for by all the magazines I never had moment to read that I gave to my friend who was working on her vision board, and the heels that I bought on sale but never got around to wearing (and if I’m honest didn’t fit my feet so great) so I gave them to the non-profit that works with women coming out of emergency situations.

It was paid for by all the things I got rid of across the multiple moves that presented me with opportunity time and again to purge and let go.

At first it was hard letting go of things I’ve held attachments to for so long. But once I felt the relief of one unneeded thing not being in my space, it became exhilarating.

I realized that every step of my journey led me to a point where I have the space, physically, to have the space of mind to address what needs unflattering internally.

How even that-- a place of shelter and refuge-- is a gift in a world of busyness, chaos, unrest.

Our own homes can be that for us. IF we invest the time into it.

If we give as much attention to our own homes as we do to all the other demands and urgent requests of the day.

What an analogy, when we take care of our homes (our territory, our temple, spirit/soul/body), we have more peace, which allows us to more bravely and authentically face the needs outside of what is our own domain.

It’s a place of greater integrity.

If you don’t want to see it in 5 years, don’t give it 5 minutes.”

- Meghan Markle

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