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When we read scripture, we should ask questions. Asking questions helps make scriptures practical, personal, powerful, and relevant to you and me. In fact, in Rabbinic tradition, a child’s aptitude and intelligence in studies is not evaluated by the questions they answer, but by the types and depth of questions they ask.

In this series, we are investigating, what does it look like for God to cause one to forget their misery.

You will forget your misery;

it will be like water flowing away.

Job 11:16

What does it look like for God to regenerate a life, or “cause waters to flow away”?

The life of Joseph gives us a glimpse. Through Gezerah Shevah we saw there is connection between Joseph's story and this verse in Job because Joseph named his first born son Manasseh which means:

"God has made me forget my toil, and all my father's House."

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What he did for Joseph, he can and will do for you and me, as we learn from and emulate Joseph's steps to success.

Now, what exactly is a Manasseh Miracle?

A Manasseh Miracle is a miracle that causes us to forget years of anguish of soul.

God has a way of restoring us in such a way that although "it" (whatever your IT is-- divorce, death of a loved one, home foreclosure, failed relationship, bankrupt business, physical abuse, etc.) happened, what's ahead for us is so wonderful somehow our soul and spirit and body and minds are able to release the past from ourselves. The overflow of abundance can wash away the residue and even the memory of our toil.

If you have live long enough, you will experience pain.

I can imagine that the year 2020 brought many people pain because it was a year filled with change, and change requires a leaving of what was and an embracing of what will be.

Simply put, change requires loss.

When feeling depression or pain or loss or tragedy, it can be hard to imagine not experiencing dark days.

I know I've been there.

That's why you and I can connect our hearts with hope by looking at examples of when God caused someone to forget AMAL, or toil and anguish of soul. Dark days do not last forever.

If you dear friend, are in deep despair, I want you to read the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) and watch how God restored his life.

As the word becomes flesh, or rhema, to you, you can take that promise and hold on to it. Meditate it on dark nights. Let it be a nehemiah, or comfort to your soul.

God will cause you to forget your financial loss, your public shame, the unexpected death of a close loved one, your (fill in your blank) even as waters pass away...

Drop me a below and let me know how this post resonated with you.

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