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  • Ayanna A.


What feels impossible? What do I feel altogether unqualified for?

Perhaps that’s precisely what I ought to pursue.

Because when I look at the pattern of my life, when God exposes me to things that are part of my destiny my natural reflex is to back away from them. But perhaps that’s my sign to lean in.

I’m doing things I never even dreamed to ask for. In places, and in relationship with people I never felt qualified to belong there.

But I am.

Just because I've never done something, does not mean I cannot do it. I just means I've never done it.

Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is attainable.

Impossible is my next goal.

My mentor told me dream generationally, globally and boldly. Think without limits.

Yep, I think that’s the next step.

"Ideas are seeds of destiny planted in the minds of man by God.

An idea when given attention becomes imagination.

Imagination acted upon becomes reality."

-Myles Munroe

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