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Lessons: Adventure

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

When you have the choice of a new experience, versus doing the same old, and you are unsure which to choose, you can ask yourself a few questions:

Is it God?

The thing is, the longer I walk with God, the more I realize just how much God let’s us make decisions.

He is in us, and He trusts us. Granted it’s not something blatant that is clearly not in His word or His will for our life, He gives us much choice to direct the path our life takes.

Is it wise?

With choice comes responsibility. So we can ask, is it wisdom? Is this a wise, or unwise decision? All things are allowed, but not all things will benefit you and bring you closer to your goals. That’s why always good to have written goals, so they can be guideposts to your future. Compare your stated goals against the new opportunity. If it is way left field, possibly a distraction. Likely not a priority for right now. If it aligns, proceed to question three.

Is it fear?

If it is something within your free will to choose, and it fits within your prestated goals, if still hesitating then the question to ask is the only thing holding me back fear? If you have a green light all around and you find yourself overthinking, waiting to make a decision-- consider is it fear trying to keep me in one place?

Fear is a paralyzer. It is sent to stop forward movement and slow momentum. It tries to delay us through procrastination, which is really a theft of our time.

Fear can be present, that doesn’t mean we have to be controlled by it, or allow fear to dictate our decisions. Decide to pursue, go for it. It could be your next great adventure.

Never let fear keep you from an adventure.

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