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And [Joseph] fell on [Jacob's] neck, and wept a good while.

Genesis 46:29

A more literal translation of the text would be "and Joseph wept on his father's neck, so that tears burst out again and again without stopping like the falling rain."

wept (BAKAH) - to shed tears, to flow by drops, phonetic sounding of syllable imitates the sound of falling drops

good while (OWD) - again and again repeatedly continually without intermission, an action hardly interrupted is repeatedly begun a new

Joseph wept on his father's neck again and again and again. Perhaps this is a parallel to restoring fellowship and relationship not just to his earthly Father, Jacob. But also to his Heavenly Father. There is healing in our Father's Embrace.

Joseph's season of fulfillment of childhood dreams was also a time filled with BAKAH, or weeping. But not the type of weeping that is sorrowful, but a weeping that is a sign of hope being restored. A sign of cleansing of anguish that was deeply embedded in the soul and spirit.

The greatest moment of recovery as I see it is when Joseph reunites with his father, Jacob.

It had been 22 years since they saw each other. Jacob believed Joseph was viciously killed, and for every day of those 22 years Jacob mourned over the loss of his favored son Joseph, refusing to be comforted by any of his wives or other children. That's how much he loved Joseph.

God has a way of restoring us greater than we have lost. And greater than we even hoped or imagined.

Then Jacob said to Joseph, “I never thought I would see your face again, but now God has let me see your children, too!”

Genesis 48:11

Sometimes in order to receive that level of restoration, we have to hope against hope. Especially when there has been long standing disappointment, or oppression of the soul. To raise our expectations again may require effort and intentionality.


God helps us out though. He is on our side. Because while it was a time of restoration and healing for Joseph, it was a time of restoration and revival for Jacob too.

He sent them back with ten asses heavy laden with the good things of Egypt for Jacob... But when they repeated to Jacob everything Joseph had told them, and when he saw the wagons Joseph had sent to carry him, their father’s spirits revived.

Genesis 45:23, 27

Joseph sent his brothers back to the land of his father with good (Hebrew: TOV) things. There were wagons and wagons filled with supplies and likely riches from Egypt. Jacob easily could have doubted that his son was alive. Jacob could have made a decision to stay in the land of famine where they had dwelled for years. Yet Divine Providence allowed him to see the good (TOV) of the land.

Sometimes our hearts need proof.

I believe sometimes we need tangible evidence to heal from the past. Faith is altogether important. But I believe equally important is manifestation. The soul needs victory.

Some wounds are caused through experience. And only through experience can they be healed.

And once Jacob saw the TOV things sent, scripture says his spirit was revived. Wow.

Jacob's heart was not moved when his son's only spoke with their words telling about Joseph's position in Egypt. But when he saw the wagons, the proof, his spirit revived.

I believe God knows our weaknesses. He knows that we want to want to believe. But sometimes we need proof, we need evidence. And in His mercy He gives us what we need to move forward on to the next step.

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