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Last week I had an unexpected visitor stop by my office. He was one of the architects for the space and had not seen it since before the walls were painted, the custom light fixtures installed, the furniture staged, the flowers arranged and decorative scented candles lit.

Somehow it came out of my mouth the offer to host some sort of Thank You lunch to his team for all their work on the details of the space. And he said “What you’ve done with the space is Thank You. Doing what you all did is the best thank you we could get.”

I really marveled at that.

But what was most gratifying to the designer is for us to fully make the space our own... Customize it to our preferences and quirks. Execute the grandest design ideas at the highest level. And then, once done, to enjoy the space.

That reminded me of what someone told me years ago: “You want to give your life back in praise to God? Live an abundant life.”

Perhaps the way to best serve God in this life— to say thank God or to live for God— is to fully utilize to the max the space my Designer has given me. Dream the wildest dreams and act on them.

Maybe it's not all the extra-- the form of prayers, the time and effort to do all the religious acts I always assumed serving God required.

Out of a sense of some sort of false obligation that I'm still working out, I felt compelled to offer to put on a whole lunch that would cost time, money, energy/effort and clean up time afterwards. That was my mind's first thought response to express gratitude and in a way “pay them back” for the work they’ve done.

But instead, it's making this life I’ve been granted as a gift, my own.

Painting the walls of the borders He’s established for me. Outfitting the lighting and playing with the floor layout until it feels right. Adding the big and small pieces of furniture that will make up the composition of my "house," and the touches of beauty that bring joy.

Then, enjoying the lot I’ve been given.

Enjoying the ride.

“The lines have falling for me in beautiful places.”

Psalm 16:6

“Make thanksgiving your sacrifice to God.”

Psalm 50:14a

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