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  • Ayanna A.

Bright days & dark nights.

God is greater than my highs and my lows.

I was talking with someone recently who shared she only feels God's near to her in times of crisis. When her heart is deeply crying out and broken, she can feel the tangible presence of God. When everything is taken care of, she finds it harder to sense He is there and remember his presence.

For years, I lived on the other side of the spectrum. I found it more natural to connect with the God during "happy" times. When things were good in my life I felt that was a sign of God's blessing, that He was pleased with me. When things went wrong I was sure I was receiving wrath and would be afraid of God.

Can you relate to either?

Some cry out to God only during crisis. Once the crisis or situation is resolved, like amnesia we can forget His existence, pushing this awareness to the farthest reaches of our minds. Others find God only during the "winning" seasons of life.

We change from day to day. Our moods and attitudes can change moment by moment. Our life circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, or gradually over days and months.

But God is not like us.

He is eternal. Constant. Everlasting. Unchanging.

The same God in our bright days is the God of our dark nights.

"This is our God
Forever and ever-
not in sunshiny weather only, but forever and ever.
This is our God in in dark nights as well as in bright days."
-Charles Spurgeon.

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