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"I'm not where I'm going, ​

but I'm not where I've been."

The Ascend derives its name from a Hebrew concept known as Aliyah.


Aliyah (Hebrew) Going up, elevation, ascent. 


Meaning both to the physical ascent of one called upon to read the Torah publicly and to the spiritual uplifting associated with the reading. It also can mean to return to your home after a time of exile from your land of promise and prosperity. 

What began in 2017 as a Pursuit of Happiness with the desire to examine how happiness is an inside job, morphed into The Ascend, a digital catalogue to document a journey of ascension, transition, and growth.

Life is a series of births. Old seasons breaking forth for something new. Join me on the journey.



Hi, I'm Ayanna.


Reading & writing are my happy places. Faith influences just about every facet of my thinking and decision making-- thus makes it's way very often into my writings.

In my practice of creation, I intend to be honest...

To be truthful...

And to offer valuable words that leave an imprint of beauty in the world.

Be well,


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